November 17, 2019

Top 10 Shortcuts in TradeStation



As promised I am doing another post on Shortcuts, today we have TradeStation.

This is my favourite platform and I know it back to front so I can give you a great list of useful shortcuts which help me out in my day to day use of trading in the platform.

Here are my Top 10 TradeStation Shortcuts:

CTRL+R – Refresh Chart
CTRL+SHIFT+Q – Launch Quick Quote window (RadarScreen if you subscribe to it)
CTRL+SHIFT+M – Launch Message Center
UP Arrow – Bar spacing, increase
Down Arrow – Bar spacing, decrease
CTRL+SHIFT+S – Show/hide Shortcut Bar
CTRL+O – Open Workspace
CTRL+ALT+W – New Workspace
CTRL+SHIFT+O – Show/hide Order Bar
CTRL+PGUP – Switch to the next open workspace

So there is my top ten above which I use in TradeStation on a daily basis to navigate around and trade with ease.

Below are some more TradeStation shortcuts which you may find useful.

ALT+F4 – Close Application
ALT+X, CTRL F4 – Close Window
CTRL+W – Close Workspace
ALT+E – Edit menu
ALT+F – File menu
ALT+O – Format menu
ALT+H – Help menu
ALT+I – Insert menu
CTRL+SHIFT+T – Launch Ticker Bar
CTRL+ALT+B – New Browser window
CTRL+N – New Window
CTRL+ALT+H – New Hot Lists window
CTRL+ALT+M – New Market Depth window
CTRL+ALT+N – New News window
CTRL+ALT+O – New OptionStation window
CTRL+ALT+R – New Research window
CTRL+ALT+T – New Time & Sales window
CTRL+ALT+A – New TradeManager window
CTRL+P – Print window
CTRL+S – Save Workspace window
CTRL+SHIFT+E – Show/hide EasyLanguage Print Log
CTRL+SHIFT+L – Show/hide Events Log
CTRL+SHIFT+S – Show/hide Shortcut Bar
CTRL+SHIFT+U – Show/hide Status Bar
SHIFT+TAB – Switch to the next window
CTRL+PGDN – Switch to the previous open workspace
F2 – Toggle Bookmark
F1 – TradeStation Help
ALT+V – View menu
ALT+W – Window menu

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