November 16, 2019

Top 10 Shortcuts in NinjaTrader 7

NinjaTrader 7Following on from a blog post I wrote a few days ago Top 10 Shortcuts in MetaTrader 4, I have been asked if I can do the same for NinjaTrader 7. So I have been thinking that would be great and even better, I should do this for all the platforms we support. I was asked to do this for NinjaTrader 7 by a customer, so I will start with NT7 and I will add shortcuts for our other supported platforms over the next few days.

So here is my top 10 most used NinjaTrader 7 Shortcuts, I mainly use NinjaTrader 7 for its drawing tools, so most of my favourites are for drawing purposes. I have included the rest that I know underneath.

Left Arrow – Scroll Chart Left
Right Arrow – Scroll Chart Right
F2 – Line
F8 – Fibonacci Retracements
F9 – Fibonacci Extensions
Ctrl+F10 – Regression Channel
F6 – Horizontal Line
CTRL-I – Insert Indicator
CTRL-F – Format Data Series
F12 – Add Text – This is a nice quick way to label up your charts.

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Here are some more Shortcuts in NinjaTrader 7 which I know of and use.

CTRL-R –  Pointer
F3 – Ray
F4 – Extended Line
Ctrl+F2 – Arrow Line
F10 – Fibonacci Time Extensions
F11 – Fibonacci Circle
Ctrl+F8 – Andrew’s Pitchfork
Ctrl+F9 – Gann Fan
Ctrl+F11 – Ellipse
Ctrl +F12 – Rectangle
Alt+F2 – Arrow Up
Alt+F3 – Arrow Down
Alt+F4 – Diamond
Alt+F5 – Dot
Alt+F6 – Square
Alt+F7 – Triangle Up
Alt+F8 – Triangle Down

We have a great set of Trading NinjaTrader Indicators which all work great on the NinjaTrader 7 Platform