March 20, 2020

Best Free Forex Indicator


Free Trading IndicatorSo, let’s talk Free. Its something I don’t like much, to be honest, but I hear it a lot. It’s usually “Can I get a Free Trial?” but I also get asked if we have any free trading indicators. I also see the search phrase “Best Free Forex Indicator” coming up in Google a lot.

Now while I think giving things away for Free is a great thing to do and its something I live my life by. In trading, I am not sure if it sets the right message and I also feel it generally attracts the wrong crowd.

Trading Can Be Very Easy

Trading is a way to take your money and make more money, if done correctly. If you don’t have much money and you are desperate to make money this is going to be very difficult if not impossible. This means the free software out there generally will not help you do this.

Let’s think about this differently, if I see a homeless man in the street and I give him £10, I do this because I feel it will help him. He does not think “Wow free money” he will have ideas about how he will use this in his struggles and for me, I feel I have done a little good. The same goes when we donate 50% of our company profits to our two favourite charities, they don’t receive that money and think oh wow free money, they have an idea on how they are going to use that money to help their cause.

Trading Is Different

This is VERY different in the trading world, I do not think in any way giving away software for free is going to help you trade. Firstly it sets the wrong mindset. It is PROVEN that people who spend their money on their education and tools to achieve something have a much higher success rate than those who just download lots of free things.

They are also more likely to make sure they learn how to use their tools and also put them to use. People who just download free tools all day long usually have a huge download folder FULL of Free Forex Indicators which they will never actually use, it’s just a placebo to make them feel better and tell your friends I am a trader, I have lots of software.

Don’t Make The Usual Mistakes

There is nothing I want less than you to go to the internet, download lots of free forex trading indicators put them all on your chart and then lose what money you have trading, I would much rather you figure out what you want to do, what you want to trade, and how long you have to trade each day and they purchase some day trading software or swing trading software to help you.

Something I have always done is prices my software very cheap, if you compare our trading software to that on the market mine is priced between £79 and ends at £297, this is because I want you to make an investment in your trading but I also do not want it to break your bank, I want you to leave your money where you need it. IN YOUR BROKER!!

We Do Things A Little Different

I feel like my pricing is very fair, it covers our costs, it gives us money to donate to charity and it gets you in the mindset to make your investment work for you and won’t stay in your folder of free forex trading indicators. Do not let my pricing fool you, I could quite easily sell my trading software for a lot more than I do.

I have been writing trading software for 18 years, I have written it for banks and other algorithmic trading companies. All of our trading software undergoes thousands of hours of machine learning before an algorithm update goes out to make sure you always have the right settings.

This means that my day trading software and swing trading software are constantly learning on my servers and when we find setting that gives a gain of over 1.7% we bench test it and then send out an algorithm update to all of our customers. How could anyone possibly do this for free?

Trade With Quality Software

So I hope you can now understand why sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and spend some money getting something quality to help you trade. With that said I actually do have some free trading indicators that I like to give away because these indicators usually come free with trading platforms but we have re-engineered them to be a bit better, in my opinion.




Free MACD Indicator

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The MACD Indicator is one of the most versatile trading indicators on the market today, it was one of the first indicators available on charting platforms and one of the most used indicators of all time. This is why we decided to design our own version of it. What we have done is we have included some great colouring on top of what’s already a great indicator. What you can see here is the if the bars are blue and we get a decrease then it will be a darker blue to show a weaker signal, this is the same for red. We have also included moving averages as well on top so you can trade crossovers at a glance. Download your free copy today.


Free Moving Average Indicator

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Here is another staple indicator in the world of technical analysis, The Moving Average Indicator. This moving average is based on the Exponential Moving Average, it colours itself based on where the price is, if we are trading amove the colour is blue and if we are trading below the colour is red, we also include 2 at one time so you can trade crossovers, I love to trade the 8/21 crossover on a small time frame and the 50/200 crossover on higher timeframes, I wait for a crossover to fire and as long as the MACD is aligned I take the trades. Download it free today.